A Passage of Time (APOT)

Soon after completing his degree in Industrial Design, Evan begun to develop an interest in jewellery design after creating ring like forms from some wood veneer off cuts. This shift in design was quite a change of pace as he initially focused on furniture design while at RMIT. As a project that evolved out of pure experimentation, A Passage of Time explores how veneer can be layered and combined together, but above all creating jewellery that focuses on the beauty found within the grain of wood.

Wood veneer's high level of malleability allows the opportunity to layer two or more species of wood together and to be moulded into the form of a ring with surprising ease. The designs on display are the result of adding facets and layer blending experimentation , all the while highlighting the flowing organic grain found inside the even most humble piece of timber.


A Passage of Time is a collection of rings and necklaces made from an array of local and exotic wood species. The rings in the collection were designed with the focus of bringing out the rich colours found within the grain. The necklaces and larger faceted rings combine two species together creating an interesting yet striking contrast of colours and form. The designs in A Passage of Time are crafted by hand, thus each piece of jewellery is individually unique.